One Night Out in Brooklyn...

DJ Cat met Caity Cat one night out in Brooklyn early April of 2018 in a Subway train station in New York City. The remix began the moment they met! DJ Cat liked Caity Cat's cat patch sewn onto the meow jean jacket they were wearing. Caity Cat thought DJ Cat was the coolest cat. Both of them loved snacks! Who doesn't, right? It turns out that Caity Cat can't eat gluten and only snacks on gluten free snacks! DJ Cat wanted Caity Cat to be happy so the quest for the best gluten free snack began. Remix!

     DJ Cat's cat fam baked a cereal snack mix when DJ Cat was just a young DJ. DJ Cat thought that Caity Cat might like this delicious snack but decided to put a twist on the classic snack. Caity Cat loved the snack mix so much we decided to share this delicious mix with the world. Baked to prrrfection in small batches with passion and consideration for those with Celiacs Disease and gluten intolerance, DJ Cat Snack Remix includes crunchy Rice and Honey Nut Corn Chex cereal, delicious Honey Nut Cheerios, gluten free Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels, whole cashews, and roasted edamame. DJ Cat drizzles these gluten free treats with a secret sauce, then bakes the remix slowly to prrrfection. DJ Cat is absolutely convinced you will love DJ Cat's Snack Remix. You wont be able to put it down! Look out for more flavors of New York City!


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